**Please note that because of a scheduling conflict, the camp for October 14th will now be scheduled for November 4th.


Saturday STEAM is a 3D printing and modeling camp taught by 7th and 8th graders to 5th graders. The camp will be held every Saturday in the month of October and early  November. The students will learn how to 3D model on a software called Tinkercad and will see their ideas come to life through the technology of the future.
Saturday STEAM team:

Kennidi Jones, Megan Denery, David Ronnel, Bennett Murphy & Thomas Lu


About us:

We recently just got a grant called Beyond the Bell grant and we were given $10,000. The grant was given to us because of our idea of Saturday STEAM. With the money that we received we bought three 3D printers, a class set of Chromebook computers, and other items to help make this camp come alive.